Origami Butterflies…

We all know the traditional  paper origami, but have you ever had a go at fabric origami?


I wanted to make butterflies, and found this amazing tutorial by Ralph Matthews at origami-instructions.com, on his site he has a whole heaps on inspiration…

Take two different  pieces of 4.5″ x 6″ fabric, lay RST and sew all the way around 1/4″ from the edge. Leave a 2″ gap.  Turn right way out through the gap, and hand sew up the gap using a ladder stitch. Press, then begin at step 4 here:



To see/print my step my step photographic tutorial, and read about the tools, threads and fabrics I used, click the link below

origami butterflies pdf


Thanks for reading, I’d love to see your origami butterflies, be sure to tag me here, or on my Instagram page to show me

happy sewing

x creativeblonde x

6 thoughts on “Origami Butterflies…

  1. I want to make this for a pillow. How big does the butterfly end up being when completed? I think I saw that you start out with a 2 6×6 peices of fabric..?


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