I asked Michelle if she could make me a table runner with purples and reds on it and she certainly delivered.  It is absolutely perfect, just what I wanted, and is crafted so beautifully.   I will treasure it forever, and will undoubtedly be asking her to make one or two more ‘specials’ for Christmas presents

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Michelle made our son Rafi, a blanket. Its one of his favourite possessions, so thoughtfully put together and with such beautiful stitching; he loves having the animals from his old clothes with him as he goes to bed


Michelle made our son, Julian, a blanket when he was born. It is beautiful and matches the one Michelle made for his sister, Grace, perfectly.  She monogrammed both their names so the blankets are not only hand made but also personalized. We will keep both blankets forever and hopefully one day both children will pass them down

Paul Skelhorn, Canada