Stay home, stay safe and keep your mind active with a new hobby…


Wow what a time we are living in at the minute, it all just feels so surreal…

As someone who has suffered anxiety and depression in my past, and still continues to , I find myself in peaks and troughs, but this is a real struggle… its the daily worry, reading/listening to the news that is consuming my every thought.

I’m trying to only put the news on once a day, but I find myself reading the daily updates as they come through on my phone, its so difficult to find a balance, of knowing enough, but not letting it take over…

I tell myself to keep busy, and fortunately I am in a job which allows me to work from home, although some of my work is no longer needed or has been put on the back burner till all this is over, there is still work for me to do, and for that I’m grateful.

So as I sit here consumed in my little world of worry, I thought I would upload this post and share some free patterns I wrote recently, in the hope it may help you to take your mind of things, and relax… I also wanted to reintroduce a quilt along myself and Dawn did last year, its a sampler, which means each block is different, so you can take your time over each one, and when sewn together becomes something to truly cherish #sweetestthingsampler

First pattern I wanted to share with you is my Lemon zest tea cosy. The fabrics I used are from Craftcotton, but obviously at times like this, any fabric will work

Click the links below to download my free print friendly PDF’s


Lemon zest kitchen accessories – Tea Cosy Pattern

Lemon zest kitchen accessories – Oven Glove Pattern


Under the sea bathroom accessories – Toiletry Roll Pattern

Under the sea bathroom accessories Toilet Roll Storage holder Pattern


The sweetest thing sampler is made up of 25 blocks, 12 samplers and 13 Irish chain blocks, it contains lots of different techniques, so there is something for everyone.



The tutorials for each block can be found on Dawn blog

Myself and dawn designed this quilt along together, and so we put all the patterns in one place, where you can also find all the fabric requirements you need in Dawn online shop:

Stay safe, and stay indoors.

Remember to leave a comment here on my blog, I would love to hear what you’re doing to help keep busy, and/or if you make one of my accessories

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‘Do what makes your heart smile’

Happy Sewing



11 thoughts on “Stay home, stay safe and keep your mind active with a new hobby…

  1. These are lovely Michelle. I am sorry that you are struggling with anxiety right now. My friend has had that problem as well, and she camps on this particular passage. Maybe it will help you as well?
    “Look at the birds of the air, they do not plant, nor harvest, nor gather into storage, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. You are worth much more than they are! Who, by being anxious can add a single day to his life? And as for clothing? See the lilies of the field growing; they do not work or spin, yet even Solomon in all his glory did not come close to their beauty. But if God so dresses the grassy fields, which is alive today and tomorrow thrown into the furnace, will He not do so much more for you?” My paraphrase from Matthew 6:26-30
    My friend loved these verses, and read them multiple times a day when she had bad spots, and she said they made a huge difference. Maybe they can help you too? Sending you hugs!

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  2. Hi Michelle ~ I tend to suffer from anxiety myself not too often but this has escalated things quite a bit. Weren’t Kathy’s words beautiful for during this time? Hanging on to hope, lots of green tea, quiet meditative moments, some gentle chair yoga and lots of crafting, crocheting, binge tv viewing going on here. Making masks for friends and passing to anyone who may want one. Your sweetest thing sampler is the sweetest 🙂 The Lemon Zest group is adorable!!!!!! Hugs

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  3. I am trying not to dwell on anything other than our family and close friends. I have told myself I can play with fabric after the curtains are finished. One done, 3 to go!!! I can walk round the block, no supermarket shopping as those of us over 70 are advised to get a younger person to do it. It will be hard for so many, do you have a close friend you can phone, often a few words will work wonders. love all your ideas for keeping our hands busy, I can sew a lot of neck warmers and hats, but our postal service is only for essential items now, so the family way down south will have to wait. Will you get the batiks for this year Ambassador delivered, if not there already? Let each of us out here, send care, loving thoughts and more to you, over the oceans and skies.XXXXX

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  4. A lovely post with such cheery patterns. I hope you are able to take care of yourself in and amidst a houseful! I am finding zoom calls/video conference calls lovely to keep my spirits up with my quilting friends. Blessings on you and yours during this difficult and strange time we are in.

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