The countdown is on…

Oh my goodness, is anyone else starting to feel the pressure of Christmas…

I’m wonder if you’re a ‘buy early and get everything wrapped, well before the big day’ kinda person, or are you a ‘last minute, fly by the seat of your pants’  type?

Every year I say I’m gonna be organised, and every year I find myself praying my online orders will arrive in time … but somehow it always seems to come together, and it becomes another amazing Christmas full of memories to cherish.

Issue 71 of Quilt Now magazine has just arrived in the shops, its a really packed issue, and inside I’m thrilled to share my ‘Fruit Punch’ quilt, using the stunning bright collection ‘Colour Fun’ by stoffabrics,  using the beautiful Vlieseline Wool Mix batting

Fruit punch quilt by Michelle Roberts 3

Inside this month December issue of British Patchwork & Quilting you can find my ‘Shimmering Christmas kaleidoscope Quilt’ using another stunning collection from stoffabrics. I used the beautiful Hobbs batting inside.

3 thoughts on “The countdown is on…

  1. well wasn’t he just adorable! and the baby quilt was awfully sweet too. All your projects look great and I’ll be looking for your postings of the next two beauties 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and yours. PS I am a do early with a few stragglers but not a last minuter

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