June catch up…

Hey, can you believe we are in July? and I totally forgot my June update, I’m blaming  Love Island, its taking up an hour of my day EVERYDAY !!

Back to June – concentrate Michelle !!

Modern HST BOM hosted by @stephjacobsondesigns is half way, and I’m so excited to show you my blocks so far…



Jen’s @patternsbyjen Colour challenge 2019 is also half way through… June month was Orange, and I struggled to find Orange in stash, but ended up being quite pleased with the results



During June I was also busy finishing of my @siblingstogetherquiltgroup quilt.

This is group where we make blocks each months, and one sewing bee mama for each month sew them together. These get sent to summer camps for kids who get separated from their siblings in foster care.

Head over to there page, if you fancy getting involved, they are looking for volunteers…


After gaining my full set of wings for the beautiful charity @pyjamafairies.

I’ve been making hospital pyjamas and surgical gowns for UK hospitals

I have some very exciting news I want to share… my name made it to the front cover of Britain’s No.1 guide to Fabric and Patchwork Magazine ‘Quilt Now’.

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me, I have so much more to share with you from June, so I will be back 🙂

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‘Do what makes your heart smile’

Happy Sewing


13 thoughts on “June catch up…

  1. I love your orange block! I’m not too happy with mine (the value of the two orange fabrics is too close) so I may redo it. We’ll see. Congrats on the magazine and seeing your name on the cover! Those two charities are wonderful; what cute hospital gowns!

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  2. Wow Michelle ~ you had so much to share along with the awesome news of your mention on the cover of the magazine…well deserved I have to add. Your awesome! All your projects are top notch along with the charities your are participating in. Thank you for all you do and sharing the information 🙂

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  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Zac and Elizabeth would want you to concentrate, Michelle. Not that I know who Z&E are, or anything. I got hooked on the stupid show as well, and now I miss it on the weekend. Geez! Could you believe . . . oh, I’ll stop because this isn’t a post or reply about Love Island. Love the Modern monthly blocks as well as your color of the month. I’m just thinking about my aqua fabrics for July. ~smile~ Roseanne

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