Island Batik Whimsical Challenge…

This month Island Batik  challenge was to create something whimsical or wonky, I will be honest and tell you I found this one difficult, I spent a long time trying to think of an idea…  The fabrics and batting used in this project were given to me from Island batik as part of the Island Batik Ambassador Program.

Whimsical and Wonky

Ive always liked the Alice in wonderland clock with the reversed numbers, and my hubby mentioned the ‘melting clock’ by Salvador Dalí, so i have combined the two.

I wanted to make the top half of the clock as neat as possible, so I made the numbers and clock handle quite fine, and free motion quilted them in place using Gutermann threads, which coordinated so well with the Island Batik ‘check it out’ fabrics I chose.


I was slightly apprehensive about making the ‘melting’ part of the clock, it felt uncomfortable making something purposely wonky 😉

I wanted to make it look like the clock had melted right off the end of the quilt

Possibly the strangest thing I’ve made

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Merry Christmas to all, until next time… happy sewing

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x creativeblonde x

18 thoughts on “Island Batik Whimsical Challenge…

  1. *gasp* that’s amazing!! I love it! I would never have been so brave. You’ve got that perfect melting dripping effect and at the same time have the numbers and everything so perfect. Incredible. Very very cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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