Sew into September…

Hey πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by, i hope you’ll join me for a well deserved cuppa (only because its too early to open the wine πŸ™‚ ) My boys are back at school, so back comes the refusing to go to bed at a decent time, and the endless shouting up the stair to ‘get up, you’re going to be late’…so i basically spending half my day telling them to get out of bed, and the other half, telling them to go to bed !! *sigh*

Now the kids are back, it has meant lots of uninterrupted sewing time (which is the best kind!), I’ve been busy getting involved with a few new things to keep out of trouble for this coming year, the first of which i’m super excited about, is becoming a new mama… wait… that came out wrong, I’ve become a sewing bee mama (just thought id get that straight before my hubby leaves home ha ha)

Last year i made a quilt for a fantastic charity called ‘siblings together’, everyone involved in this charity is really lovely, and so when they advertised for sewing bees, i knew i wanted to get involved. Each month we make a few blocks, which get sewn together by a mama associated for that month, who makes a gorgeous quilt, which gets sent off to the charity. They then distribute them at camps, where foster children get together with their siblings. Sending a warm hug feels great. My month is March! I’ve made a few blocks so far, and i’m super excited to see them come together into a quilt…

The start of September also brought with it, block 2 of the #savethebeesquilt, hosted byΒ Jacquelynne StevesΒ at ‘Sew Quilty Friends’, find her group on Facebook and Instagram, and join in this beautiful quilt a long…

I was thrilled to be asked by Craft Cotton to make a quilt to be put on display in Houston in October, showcasing their new ‘Monochrome Zoo’ fabric collection, the fabrics are so cute.


If you would like to make your very own ‘monochrome Zoo’ quilt, you can download my pattern at the link below. The fabrics will be available any day now from Craft cotton.

monochrome zoo quilt craftcotton


And… Christmas has arrived!, well my order from Groves has, i think i read somewhere its only 110 days till Christmas – yay!! Head over toΒ and grab your Christmas catalogue – The UK’s leading independent distributor of haberdashery, craft, sewing, knitting and needlecraft.

I’ve so many ideas, stay tuned for some Christmas project, patterns and inspiration

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Happy sewing, until next time…


x creativeblonde x



6 thoughts on “Sew into September…

  1. Hi Michelle! HAHA – get to bed, get out of bed. Yes, it is a fight isn’t it?! And a new mama! That just might make your husband’s eyebrows raise a bit. heehee Only 110 days until Christmas?!!! Who even counts this early. Good grief. EEK! I have to go – lots of stuff to get finished in only 110 days. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Oh, that Monochrome Zoo quilt is FAB-U-LOUS. Great work! I’m excited to have my kids back at school, too. They’re old enough that they don’t often interrupt my sewing time, but just knowing that they COULD at any second tends to keep me from relaxing as much as I’d like!

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  3. Welcome to Siblings Together Bees Michelle I hope you enjoy being a member of a Bee as much as I have over the years. I had to laugh at your challenge getting your boys to bed and out of bed. All so true. Parents who have children who get up of their own accord do not know how lucky they are!

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