2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop…

This year I signed up for this new and exciting challenge – 2018 new quilt bloggers, in the hope it will help me improve my blogging skills,

And it starts today – 16th April – Introductory Post about myself and I’m one of the 8 bloggers to post during this first week…


Do I know what I’m doing? not so much!… so please bare with me

I do know I’m with 8 other bloggers in a hive called ‘Quilt, Blog, Repeat’ Here is our button


Here are the members of our hive:

Jen – dizzyquilter.com
Michelle (that’s me!) –  creativeblonde.co.uk
Roseanne – homesewnbyus.com
Jan – cocoaquilts.com
Tara – quiltdistrict.com
Nicole – handwroughtquilts.wordpress.com
Karen – thequiltrambler.com/blog/
Becca – prettypiney.com
Sarah – 9658textiles.blogspot.ca

So lets get to the introductory bit…

My name is Michelle AKA creative blonde, my name came from a my dads love of The Beatles. oh wait, you guys meant my blogger name, well… this was chosen by my husband, who decided this was ‘awesome and catchy’ after a lengthy chat with each other about how i though i was never really ‘clever’, i just loved creating things and i have also been know to have many ‘blonde’ moments… So along came creative blonde (my husband designed and created my logo too)

creativeblonde logo (2)

I added a few of my favorite quilts/makes below, i love to work with blues, and my favourite stitch, is machine blanket stitch

I thoroughly enjoy taking photos, not just of the finished item, but the fabrics, and the process along the way. My Instagram page reflects this …

I got into quilting a few years ago, as my children (4 boys) started needing me less  – sob… I took a City & Guild Diploma in Quilting & Patchwork, I’ve always been a ‘stay at home’ mum, and wouldn’t have it any other way, i’m so very proud of my boys, even though everyday brings new challenges, and stresses, so this worked out perfectly. I can still be around for my boys, but focus on something to keep me sane. I guess quilting, sewing, embroidery, cross stitch and crocheting is my stress relief. I get a real buzz when i finish a project, and i’m always so excited to share my new pattern/ design here on my blog. I love to show photos on Instagram and Facebook of new fabrics, projects and challenges i’m involved in too

My best bit so far, is meeting all the lovely people on social media, everyday someone makes me smile or laugh, by a comment or photo

My Quilting Tip:

Accurate cutting is key…

And whenever you think ‘oh that will do, or as my husband says when doing DIY  – ‘get away with that’, always go back, unpick and re-do, because it will take a few minutes and look so much better, or you will be forever seeing the mistake in the finished item, and wish ‘why didn’t i go back and re-do that bit’

Whats your best Quilting Tip? i would love to hear from you…

Huge thanks for reading my post today, please hop around all the lovely bloggers in this blog hop, up this week with myself are and who knows you might pick up a tip or two

Gail      http://quiltinggail.wordpress.com

Rachel         http://rachelrossi.design/blog

Tracie H   http://www.ricefordstreams.com

Wendy T     http://www.piecefulthoughts.com

Jan                            http://cocoaquilts.com

Michelle (that’s me!) http://www.creativeblonde.co.uk

Terry   http://tlcquiltsblog.wordpress.com

April               http://jandabendquilts.com/blog

Happy Sewing

x creativeblonde x



86 thoughts on “2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop…

  1. Hello Michelle, I cannot believe that with four boys and one husband, not to mention various critters, you have time to tie your shoes let alone create beautiful quilts. Kids are grown and gone in a heartbeat, so lucky you to have a few more years left. My best sewing related tip is to learn how to use your seam ripper properly. Ripping seams is easy and painless and quick once you get the knack (not that I ever need to un-sew anything). Freckledfoxquiltery@gmail.com

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  2. Fun to hear the story behind your blog name. I love it! My quilt tip goes hand in hand with yours. Measure twice, cut once. I used to hear my husband say that when he was remodeling our home. It’s important in quilting too!

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  3. Hi Michelle, your into post is great! 😊 Your photos always look so good and your tip is good advice. I had to work hard on not going down the “it will just work out in the end” approach to sewing.
    It was really fun to read about you and your quilting and blog story.
    I did the New Quilt bloggers hop last year and it was wonderful, I met so many blogging friends and it opened a whole new world to me. Have fun!
    Oh and the hive logo is so cool.

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  4. Hi Michelle! Loved hearing the process of your blog name & hubby did a great job on the design! My quilting tip fits with yours: Never, Ever, Ever leave a mistake to “take out the next time.” Take it out NOW or else a UFO will be born!

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  5. How are wonderful Michelle! I am happy to get to know a little more about you. I love the pictures on your Instagram page and feel like we are friends already❤️. Mt quilting tip— Quilt Along with friends both in person and online. It’s way more fun that way!!

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  6. I always enjoy seeing your photos – you have a very distinct style. I can tell it is you before I even look at the caption.

    My quilting tip is to try every technique. You never know which untried technique will be your all-time favorite until you try.

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  7. Hi Michelle,
    I love the logo your husband created for you! I wonder how long you have been blogging? You always have such cute projects to share with us! I look forward to seeing what your latest project is each week. ~smile~ Roseanne


  8. Hi Michelle, I think your pictures are great. Definitely something I’d like to get better at doing. Sounds like you have a very busy life with your family; it’s so nice to have quilting to turn too when you need some personal time. I love the pics of all your projects!

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  9. Hi Michelle…..so good to hear someone else say “do I know what I’m doing? …not so much”. But we are trying and that’s the important thing. My daughter out west created my blog, so right now I am really missing my “techie”

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  10. Great post Michelle! Lovely photos too, but then I’ve seen your work on IG, with your beautifully-captured designs posts in my quilt challenge! 🙂 Love that hexagon shadow quilt. My tip is much like yours: take the time to fix it for sure, but do it right then; don’t leave it for the morning or next day! Then you can start fresh.

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  11. Lovely to see your quilts. I particularly like the shadow effect on the hexie quilt. My tip is practice makes progress. It is a good motto to prevent that self criticism that can sometimes arise.

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  12. My tip would be–“Do a seam allowance check”. I like your variety of creating!


  13. My tip is don’t let yourself get stuck on UFOs. Jump in and do something with these projects/fabrics lying around and you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.

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  14. I participated last year and I did not have a very good tip. However, I thought later on that I should have said about “zig-zagging” my quilt sandwich. Do you zig-zag your quilt sandwich when you are done quilting? I really do like it, it makes the binding easier to put on. Very cute collage of your projects!

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  15. You have a very helpful and encouraging husband. I agree that the cutting is a very important part of quilting. I have tried putting different things on my rulers, and have one new ruler that comes with places on the bottom that helps keep the ruler in position. I am also thinking of getting a machine that will help with this and will speed up the cutting process.

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  16. Hi Michelle, I love your blog name, it’s very catchy! Your photography skills are excellent, and I wish I was as good at it. I see photography as a necessary evil of blogging, and actually the part I dread the most! Like you I’m a stay-at-home mom and quilting / blogging is my creative and emotional outlet. I look forward to seeing where you go next!

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  17. Hahaha! Accuracy indeed…After quilting 28 years, it still pays off to be accurate…no way around it. Every time I take time to ensure my accuracy I tell myself Precision Pays Off Every Time! Thank you for sharing this fun post today. Such a great name and family!

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  18. My tip is, just do everything in segments instead of all at once. Your projects are pretty. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

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  19. Hi Michelle!
    I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your lovely quilts today. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    I totally agree with your quilting tip! Accuracy is hugely important if you want results that you can be proud of in the end. My favorite saying is “measure twice, cut once”, so it really goes along with your tip.

    Keep up the great work!

    Happy quilting,

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  20. I love how you collectively came up with the name. I wondered about it. My best quilting tip is keep progressing. Don’t let a mistake stop you – sometimes walk away and come back, sometimes let it stay until you decide whether you need to fix or can live with it. We are way too hard on ourselves.

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  21. Hi Michelle
    I like the feel of your quilt/creative style. “Shabby chic”, “english cottage”, are two phrases that come to mind. Soft coloured cotton….I just love the comfort feel!

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  22. Best tip, read, reread, reread the pattern. Never cut fabric with a dull blade and when you are tired. You will make a mistake. Mostly just have fun.

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  23. Michelle, it was great hearing your story today. I have to agree with your 1/4″ tip. Sometimes I waver a bit and it gets me into trouble. We have a few common threads on our blogs, I’m doing Hands 2 Help also. I enjoy doing that each year.

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  24. I like to measure and square up pieces of blocks and borders as I go. It’s easier to correct small bits than to add or remove fabric after the blocks are made.

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  25. Michelle, I’m going to leave you the same advice I give pretty much everyone. Keep on connecting to other quilters! Go to workshops, take classes, join a guild, volunteer at a show. Even if you take a class about something you already know how to do, you’re bound to pick up some great tips that you otherwise might have missed.

    Lovely intro post; I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you through the NQB!

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  26. Tip: If it’s not quite right, rip it out and redo it as you won’t be happy if you don’t. Further along in the quilt making, it will still bother you and you’ll end up ripping more out to fix it. Ask me how I know.

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  27. Michelle, as a fellow blonde chick, I LOVE the name of your blog. It’s been great to learn a bit more about you. I am super guilty in the cutting department with, ah, it’s close enough. You are right, cutting counts.

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