March Brings You A Special Offer…

I’m so excited to share with you, my little collaboration with Quilt101  check out there website, to order your quilt kit today.

They offer modern, beginner friendly, pre-cut quilt kits, they have fabulous video tutorials for each of their patterns too.

The best new is, they will ship anywhere in the world, if you are outside the US, just send them an email hello@quilt101 or DM on instagram.

So many beautiful quilt kits to choose from, and you build it your way, here’s what i chose…

Blue Carolina Fabrics 


Blue Carolina           

I’m going to be making my quilt throughout the month of March, and during March if you use the code ‘creativeblonde10’ you will recieve 10% off your chosen quilt…


It comes beautifully packaged, pre-cut and with the cutest little quilt label for when your finished. i think this would make such a lovely gift for someone just starting out, or even for someone who just dislikes the cutting stage of making a quilt (that’s me !)


Thanks for reading, follow me, by visiting my ‘about’ page and pressing the ‘follow’ button, and watch my progress on Instagram

Happy sewing

x creativeblonde x

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