Sewing sashiko – try something different this weekend

Japanese Sashiko was practised by the wives of fisherman and farmers as a way of thickening work jackets and prolonging the life of fabric in the 18th century. Traditionally worked by hand (I hear you sigh, but wait…) with white thread on indigo fabric. I actually found this very addictive, the further along I went, and already thinking of more designs to create. So why not give it go?

Here’s how…



Take some blue fabric, this amazing denim coloured fabric from craftcotton is perfect, and with denim/blues showing up everywhere, this pattern would look amazing on a cushion cover.

Print your pattern onto a piece of a4 paper and lay this on top of your dressmakers carbon, with the carbon facing down and onto the right side of your fabric, pin in place. Take a tracing wheel and go over all the lines on the pattern


Then you’re ready to sew, just follow the carbon lines


Your stitching can be quite big (ish, don’t go mad!) and each stitch should be one and a half times the size of the gap between the stitches.


And then just keep going…


Give it a try,this was my first attempt, so I will admit improvements can be made 😉

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Happy crafting 🙂

#sashiko #sewing #somethingfortheweekend

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