Retro Tea Cosy

Whilst my banana bread is baking in the oven and smelling divine (recipe on blog coming soon), i thought i would put up this tutorial for an simple tea cosy using applique. Make it today, for that lazy Sunday morning cuppa (and a sneaky piece of warm, buttered banana bread)


This tea cosy all came about from my sister, she had a very cool Sagaform retro teapot, which was a sightly unusual shape, the pattern on the tea cosy was so beautiful it seemed a shame to cover it just to keep the tea warm, so i decided to applique the design…


What you will need…

  • dressing making pattern paper
  • fabric of your choice, 80cm x 40 cm in total
  • odd left over pieces of fabric in your choice of colours for the applique. (2 fat quarter in total)
  • iron on fusible web
  • sewing machine, pins, needles, scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat
  • wadding 40 cm x 40 cm

The measurements of the tea pot is 28 cm long and 15 cm tall, so your main fabric piece needs to be 38cm x 20 cm.  (38 cm at the widest point, narrowing to 33 cm at the corners at the top)img-20151128-wa0001I left the shape quite square but just slightly rounded the corners, make this template from the dress making paper first, then cut out 4 of these from the fabric and 2 of these from wadding, 1/4″ seam allowance already added. (**neat idea alert ** fold your paper in half and draw out half your pattern, that way when you open it up, your slightly rounded off edges with be symmetrical). If making for a different tea pot, measure the width and height of your pot and add 10 cm to the length and 5 cm to the height. Check your measurements are correct by cutting out your paper template and shaping it around the tea pot, as shown the diagrams below…

Next make your template for the applique, again draw one out on paper until you are happy with the shape and size, then use this as your pattern to cut out 16 of these from fabric. Add a seam allowance to this when cutting out the fabric. Iron the fusible web to the reverse of your fabric. Remember 8 of these will be the reverse of the other 8, so remember to turn the pattern over half way through, so you get the mirror image.


Next take two pieces of the main fabric (one inside piece and outer piece and with right sides together sew using the 1/4 ” seam allowance, (at this point you can add a loop of ribbon to go at the top of the tea cosy to hang it up when not in use) leave a gap of about 10cms along the bottom edge,turn right way out, add the wadding and hand sew up the edge. Repeat this for the other side of the tea cosy. Now sew the quilted fabrics together (if you have used a different fabric for the inside, make sure you have this side facing out when sewing together, then turn your tea cosy the correct way out.

When your tea cosy is finished, position the applique, this is best done when sewn together because you can see how much fabric has been used in the seam allowance, so your positioning will be more accurate. Peel off the backing paper from the fusible web, and iron your design in place. Using needle turn applique hand sew these in place, taking care to sew through the top fabric and wadding only.

Thanks for reading, happy sewing, like this post? like me on Facebook 🙂 at




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