Tea and biscuit coaster

What you will need

  • Fabric of your choice, I chose mine from the ‘tilda quilt range’.
  • Bias binding
  • Wadding
  • 505 temporary basting adhesive
  • Sewing machine, pins, needle and thread, scissors, ruler

To make one coaster:

Cut a piece of fabric 6”x6” (x2)

Wadding 6”x6”


*(Depending on how many coasters you want to make, cut more of these)

Spray the adhesive on the wrong side of each piece of fabric and sandwich it together with the wadding

Change your sewing machine foot to the Free motion foot and lower the feed dogs, and start quilting the coaster, I chose a simple ‘stippling’ pattern, which is a random pattern, where the quilting line continues in swirls but never crosses over a previous line, on one of my coasters, the photo below shows a criss cross.


Next take your choice of applique, I chose a 4” heart shape, draw this on the paper side of the fusible web, then cut the shape out and iron onto the wrong side of the fabric you want to applique. Cut this out your fabric shape, peel off the backing paper and iron in place on the quilt.

To hold your applique in place and to stop the edges fraying, either use needle turn sewing (if you like a bit of hand sewing) or a blanket stitch which you can do on your machine.


Square up any edges, and you’re ready for the bias binding (my favourite bit)

Take your bias binding and lay it right sides together with the majority of the bias binding pointing into the center of the fabric, fold back the ¼” seam allowance on the bias binding and sew along this seam, starting in the middle of one edge. Working towards the first corner, stop a seam width away, and remove your quilt from the machine. Then fold the bias binding up so the angle is at 45 degrees, hold this is place, then fold the bias binding back down on itself, begin sewing again and repeat for the other three corners.


Then fold the bias binding over to the back and slipstitch in place, this will leave you with very neat mitred corners.


Press your mini quilt, and its already for that well deserved cuppa, don’t forget the biscuits.




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